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Sunrise gracias por cantar y bailar conmigo esta noche! Sunrise! Thank you for singing and dancing along with me tonight! Shak


#TSRPositiveImages: #TravisScott is out here supporting a brotha’s flourish!


sɹnoɥ ɹnoɟʎʇuǝʍʇ


Pose lagi mikir new vlog mau bahas apa yaaa 🤔
Naaahh.. Biar seru aku buka QnA yaaa.kalian bisa comment di #LCBChannel di first video, Atau comment dibawah ini yah👇👇👇

dan bisa request video content apa untuk new vlog aku nanti!

Ps (jangan comment aja.. subscribe jugaa yaa guys😬)


So pretty @ayanshafag N💜RVINA 🎨 Palette #abhxnorvina


One of the best night and memories too. See you around! I love you all ❤️


Ever wondered what auroras look like from space? Astronaut Alexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex_ESA) gives us his space-based view from aboard the International Space Station (@ISS), tweeting that the experience is "[m]ind-blowing, every single time." The dancing lights of the auroras provide spectacular views on the ground and from space, but also capture the imagination of scientists who study incoming energy and particles from the Sun. Auroras are one effect of such energetic particles, which can speed out from the sun both in a steady stream called the solar wind and due to giant eruptions known as coronal mass ejections. After a trip toward Earth that can last 2 or 3 days, the solar particles and magnetic fields cause the release of particles already trapped near Earth, which in turn trigger reactions in the upper atmosphere in which oxygen and nitrogen molecules release photons of light. The result: the Northern and Southern lights.

Image Credit: @europeanspaceagency/NASA-A.Gerst
#NASA #space #aurora #science #northernlights #southernlights #spacestation #iss #earth #picoftheday #pictureoftheday


Full Twerk Video on my APP Now!!! Download and Subscribe to see it. Featuring @iamthmpsn Link in my bio 😎


Quando a sintonia com o seu cabeleireiro é sem igual 🤣 Ele é o melhor 💙 @jobosco


Today was so magical. Omg. #QueenRadio tmrw 12pm EST 9am PST 💅🏼😜🤣😊 Balenciaga Barbie 🎀 YSL BOOT BARBIE 🎀 CHANEL FUR BARBIE




Only 5️⃣ more days until #VMAS….let’s talk "On The Floor”…this was my first track after I had my babies and I hadn’t put out a record in a few years. They gave us no money to make this video. It ended up leaking a few days before my debut on “American Idol” and started climbing straight up the charts! It’s also my first video to reach 1 billion views on YouTube, and I was the first female artist to do that. #mtv #videovanguard


Se vc mexer o celular de um lado pro outro da a sensação de que a borboleta tá voando. E pra cima e pra baixo de que você fumou .


MAN DOWN! Olha esse encontro que rolou em Cuba: RIHANNA e DONALD GLOVER também conhecido como CHILDISH GAMBINO! Os dois estão na ilha gravando um filme musical chamado Guava Island! Que venham os hits!


Faltam 10 dias!!! 💥💥💥 Gravação do meu DVD em Barretos!! Vai ser estouro demais!! Eu já to ansioso, e vocês?? Levem seus óculos escuros, hein... 😎🤔😘 #GusttavoLima #GravaçãoDVD #EmbaixadorVoltou #AiBB #ad #OldParr


Fendi, Fendi, Fendi💛 New Campaign by the forever icon #karllagerfeld THANK YOU! 🌙I love You @chaos @amandaharlech @sammcknight1 @aarondemey1 💛☁️☁️☁️


Chegou a hora Indo pra casa depois de 200 e poucos dias de viagem ! 🤟🏽🌎


Santa Margherita the real thirst quencher


Boa noite 🌼🍃❤️


A minha cara de satisfação de quem tinha acabado de dublar
“Búzios e Tarot” (pagodeiros entenderão)
ao lado do @belo e dançado
“Explosão Do Tchakabun Com a Dança Do Verão” com @graoficial !!!
Zereeeeeeei! Kkkkkkk obrigada, meus amores!
#VaiFernandinha #Temporada4




TSR Staff: Thembi! @ThembiTV_
#TSRTunez: Y’all stay inviting people to the cookout, but remember when these celebs’ music stayed playing AT the cookout?!
We’re gonna take you down memory lane of some celebs during some of their most down, soulful, and seasoned phases in their music careers!
Which of these celebs needs to come back with more “urban” hits #Roomies?!


Continuing our TOP 60 SWATS countdown with 40-31! #NBABlockWeek


my fourth baby is born tomorrow night hby


Photos by @CarltonWard | Cooperative Bear, Frustrating Panther…That was the title of the blog I wrote about my attempt to camera trap a Florida panther at Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge in 2015. I was on assignment for @NatGeoTravel and after a month of trying, I had one bear kindly pose facing the camera and one panther show me her tail as she walked away. Frustrating and motivating at the same time, it was like she was daring me to try to tell her story. Three years and two National Geographic grants later, I'm still trying. I now have a network of camera traps (think photo studios hidden in the woods) pointed at game trails on refuges and ranches throughout South Florida for my #PathofthePanther project, which seeks to inspire the land protection needed for the endangered Florida panther to expand its range. I've had some successes with panthers over the past three years, but more often than not, my "cooperative bear, frustrating panther" mantra, still applies. Please follow my quest here and @CarltonWard as we focus on the story of the Florida panther and the habitat corridors it needs to recover and help us save wild Florida. The third photo is an alligator that should have been a warning that the water was about to rise. A wet winter, followed by strong summer rains proceeded to flood this trail for the next 18 months. @insidenatgeo @natgeocreative #FloridaWildlifeCorridor #FloridaWild #KeepFLWild #panther #bear #gator #alligator #swamp #Everglades


Comenta aí qual hit do Kevinho você mais gosta ❤️


When your best friends exclude you from a picture 😡😂 w/ @hannahstocking @twan @adamw (tag a friend)


That’s how we celebrate with my girls for our fave #VogueRussia20 anniversary.. 🎁 🎉 С днём рождения @voguerussia... С моими любимыми @natashapoly @natasupernova ✨


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