Congrats to @KingJames of the @cavs for moving up to 9th on the all-time Field Goals Made list with 10,750! #ThisIsWhyWePlay




Dec. 17 NBA source. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jordan, Shaquille, and HAKEEM. Obviously Arab names have some special effect or influence on long term basketball performance. wink wink.


That man be ranking up


Scroo your face😀😀😀


@mineriandrea ecco, spiegami questo


Karl Malone is one of GOATS


@varholt yea ur prob right... thats whats confuses me soo much about lebron. Dude isnt even a scorer, but is soo efficient he scores alot anyway. Imagine if he actually tried to score one season, it would be rediculous


@king_yus84 I mean, come on.. it's LeBron. He obviously still has a few seasons left in him and even if he didn't perform as good as he is (wich i doubt he won't) he will easily make 1k fg


@varholt only if he keeps playing as is. We havent seen the effects, but 15 years is 15 years meng


@king_yus84 1k left, easily


Damn. I wonder if he can catch kobe be4 he retires


Wait? What about dirk...he’s doing better than James




Lobe u king


I thought kobe passed MJ


Wow. What a. List


He's on his way to the top 5!❀❀❀❀🐐🐐🐐


He will easily get top 5


@jmalman_11 no goat of getting losers titles


@merchantn8 goat of what, chasing titles?


@jmalman_11 kys he’s the goat


According to Collin cowherd and everyone from fox sports he's the black Jesus

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