🔴 The boss on @jackwilshere 👆🏼 #WeAreTheArsenal #AFCvBATE #Wilshere




tonight should be best play of Jack, keep it up


Better than xhaka


That's true .. him deserve xhaka or ramsey spot right now .... He has more touch and ball control than the two of them




Jack must be in starting 11


Jackboy is a genius if you ask me


Should play every game NOT xhaka


Then drop Xhaka and start him.


Can you show Xhaka how to make a dissent pass tomorrow morning in the training ground😧


Talk too much but still use baby xhaka.... #typicalwenger


Hopefully he gets played


Give him a first start next match.


And the story goes on...


I think so


Give him start instead of Xhaka


Well. Done Jack


Give him a start then!




Hello, you can't simple make judgement to a player that play againt small team and easy team, but evaluate a player when they plays against big team..🤣


Give him a new contract and play him then. Better than Xhaka any day 👍


Too much talent!


His got alot to prove


Must mean Jack signed new contract so Wenger not scared for him to show how brilliant he is and how crap most of the others are!!!!


make new contract with jack. If ozil leaves who would pass at offense-zone? and Let theo walcott, welbeck, xhaka go away.


But imma put him on the bench anw 🙂


Put him back in the F**cking team then!


Play him then


Well start him then 🙄


He deserves to be in the starting line-up


Glad to see jack back

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