When life is a movie



Lakers are the desperate to get a star player that they will trade great bench players and players.. Laker are going to end up like OKC if we keep making stupid trades... Three star players on OKC but no consistent shooters or helpers


Dear Lakers front office.. Trading Clarkson is a stupid idea.. I will no longer be a laker fan if Clarkson and Julius Randle are traded for a star player. Yes it is true we need a star player, but it is great players such as clarskon and Randle that help star players won champion ships.. A pizza is nothing wth out good peporoni spread around around it to make it taste so good.


Dont trade him he better than lonzo


@lakers You better not get rid of Clarkson LA loves him


@danieldesta22 they're on offense tho πŸ€”


Hehe,,nanood lang,,,πŸ˜‚πŸ€


When your teammate bout to get blocked lol


The game is a movie you have already seen with @v_reps


Daniel caesar reference any1??


1000th comment


The caption should be when your too lazy to play defense


Jordan's so close to being a great player


When you’re not crashing for an possible offensive rebound


πŸ˜‚whag he doin?


go crash the boards my guy


go crash the boards my guy

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