Los Angeles Lakers

Been a while since we got to run at the @uclahealthtc 🏡

UCLA Health Training Center

Been a while since we got to run at the @uclahealthtc 🏡




Sai do time poha


Let go lonzo


That 5th pic 😂😂😂😂😂😂


Corey brewers face lmfaooooo


They really need to W next game. Need to show off for Kobe


Hahaha Cory brewers face 2nd to last pic 🤣


Trust The Process 💯


На и ебло у Лонзо на второй фотке 😂


@sheklahm 其實波仔都幾似bale


Corey Brewer's face


Hard work pays OFF!!! Or PLAY-OFFS🏀🏆


When Randle gets in a better situation he'll thrive. His window is closing. The sooner he gets to leave and have a bigger role the better.. The guy has been only 5TH in shot attempts on the team the last 2 years.. Last year he was getting triple doubles and 20 & 10 games in 28 minutes.. 13/9/4 on 49% in 28 minutes Only 5TH in shot attempts? This is the same guy this season that's being held back to 12/6/2 on 56% in 22 minutes and now 7TH in shot attempts.. I tell you.. When he gets to a new team and gets more reps and minutes to really find his groove.. He's going to be a scary


We need an athletic center and we good


He got longer shorts @lkashefi


Hart is in good form


But where can I buy a practice jersey?? 😅


Why we aint trade deng yet


Looking good boys!!


Biggest I even seen his eyes lol


Go go go lakers!


really hope next year's lineup is what im hearing: Ball, Ingram, PG, Kuzma, LBJ


Lonzo rocking them BBB’s 💪🏼‼️



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