Good news for the @vikings, they could win it all without ever leaving Minnesota...
📺: #NOvsMIN. Sunday on @nflonfox (4:40pm ET) #NFLPlayoffs




@coleolson30 maybe because they are both the number 1 seed. Like u see the steeler are just at the bottom of DA patriots cause they are number 2 seed but the jaguars beat them.


The eagles and patriots are both in front and this was made before the nfc and afc chip #nflrigged


Go vikings


If they in the super bowl I'm cheering for em


Go Vikings


@coleswenson @m_spilly11 just like last week! Had to tag again.


@larrybelljrr How long’d it take ya to come up with that one, bub?

The song means if Vikings go to the super bowl and win they won't have to travel far


FALSE!!!!! Gotta come thru philly


You guys got lucky @joshduran66


@jaxen_c ok that makes sense 👍


@mm.hackchamp mate philly’s o-line is a power house and philly’s defense is better than Minnesota’s


@madden.green_ it was before Atlanta v philly, if Atlanta had won they wouldn’t leave Minneapolis


@bola_es_la_vida22 this was before phillys win so theoretically if Atlanta had won they’d never leave Minnesota


Ok are rae sremmerd from Minnesota?


No duh, they have to play in Philly on Sunday bc their the 2 seed. @damir.bryant


@damir.bryant I know but I’m saying they have to leave MIN to play the eagles in PHILLY


“ThE pL@y0fF P!€tÜR£’s CómIn& TØgEtH£R”


@brettyates15 superbowl is in MIN


What are these called


@madden.green_ but they won’t “travel far”.


They still have to go to Philadelphia don’t they?


Please stop with these posts yo


Well no cuz the eagles

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