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photo by @andrea_frazzetta // Guatemala, Tikal. The Temple Number V appears in the middle of the forest.
Temple V stands south of the Central Acropolis and is the mortuary pyramid of an as yet unidentified ruler of the once great city.
Tikal was a capital of the Maya world in ancient times, and it’s easy to believe when you’re confronted with the thousands of massive pyramids, plazas, temples, and dwellings that remain today.
Tikal National Park encompasses 575 square kilometres of jungle and thousands of ruined structures.
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269,260 Tikal, Peten, Guatemala





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Always wanted to go n figure out how the vanished


Mystifying to feel the breath of ancient history whisper all around


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One of the most beautiful places in the world


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Loved Tikal!! Visited there and Peten-Flores in 2010!! Absolutely amazing!!

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