@jrue_holiday11 flips it in with the left!

Philips Arena




Sin duda, pumlee le da un manotazo @_iago_11


Le dio el de atrás al brazo




Travel travel ✈️




Bringing back the old Sixers days


So underrated. Never understood why Philly let him slip.


he could have walked home with those steps


@jlal10_ guy is. A stud


@lukeheidmann i watched it again.. he got fouled by 18, not 12... i never payed attention to the other guy




Look at those nice 4 steps


Like an artist ✌️


That was too damn smooth!


No travel


Damn. Travelled. His first step was the right one where he held the ball and then if you count it's 4 steps. Travel


@tylerkelly96 smooth...with the gather


If you call this a travel you don’t hoop lol

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