The @hornets convert on multiple 4-point plays early!

Spectrum Center




Respect for Morris helping him up


@nachocarbone no eras vos el problema amigo 🤣


And they wanna trade Kemba


Looked like Morris speared him


@austin_m46 if the shooter is still in shooting motion and he gets bumped it’s still a foul even if it doesn’t affect the shot


Wow. Packed stadium


Look at his hand got hit @mmckinney3_


@mmckinney3_ i’m not big into basketball rules so someone explain. y’all mfs like a dictionary


wait. how tf is that second a foul

2 is not multiple


@mufti_agung iki 4 point gege


Man look at all those fans in the stamds


@naterose2 u better be doing this


And we're trading this man smh 😢


@7_1_3_2 hornets are sorry and have John wall and Beal 😂


@jordan_keith11 your dumb. 11 once again. Not 12


This time Kemba didn't turn around


@7_1_3_2 they should still take every game seriously Bc they got blown out by the hormets


Washington is not worried about the hornets.. 16 and 30LLLLs. They not even close to be in the playoffs.


@austin_m46 it’s still a foul, it’s kinda a off ball foul


@devon_famas but it doesn’t affect the shot


@austin_m46 ya but they’re still in the motion of shooting on the way down


Bout time hornets is gettin love


I’m so done

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