@russwest44 to the rack for the @okcthunder!




@chayannesantos vê se começas a treinar para fzr o q ele fez


@niicollas31 c’est la machine ce mec 😂


@niicollas31 c’est la machine ce mec 😂


Damm got brewer on the ropes


@quentinfriscour il se promène 😂😂😂


@cristiano_inglese10 nah this is too much


@migmasso most embarrassing play ever.


Jesus Christ


No ketchup just sauce! Raw sauce!


@tomby33 inshallah cette année ils niquent tout en playoffs


@noah_vns il est beaucoup trop chauf


Cook 👨‍🍳


Oh my god


Lmfao they was just looking


@raaquel_aylloon cuando haces eso tu


@lincoln_194 “he got a lot of sauce” your favourite 😂😂


@_zaii2x on he right but not the goat


@jaaydee2x wat u talm bout boy🐐


“Oop he gotta lot of sauce!!”


Looking like AI with them handles

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