@24baze wins it for the @atlhawks!




Ah dostum it's fun




Chance The Rapper with the W


Even he's not consistent, Bazemore got this kobeclutchmentality


Bazemore only got that coz schroder has HOF dimer


Warriors bullying AD into joining.


@klausss___ 又大一歲 又進一球


Dam tuff bucket


@sunny1090 he isn't a bad player tho


You’re telling me that the Pelicans beat the Celtics but can’t get it done with the Hawks?


@gloriousben And let's not forget the Bulldogs lmao


@mr.big.nuckzz Damn that's disrespectful comparing him to a rookie lmao


To bad he's about to be a salary dump or a draft pick next season.


@romegho Kent Bazemore tha legenddd 😩😩😩


Ruined my 2k pick em

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