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Awww #EnikoHart shares this sweet message from her step-daughter #HeavenHart ❤️

Awww #EnikoHart shares this sweet message from her step-daughter #HeavenHart ❤️




Awwwww she’s so cute 😭


She should have kept it private... wanted to rub it in Keri’s face... no mention of the mother and that ‘love always wins’ quote was just too much... 🤦🏾‍♀️


You're* come on Kevin, you wrote a book!


How sweet! ❤️❤️


Grammar fail. I hope she does her English homework


Equifax wants us to see that baby girl likes her?.....


Y’all killing me with these names😂Enigma, Encyclopedia..😂🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️


Encyclopedia tried it


She shoulda kept it to herself...i mean thats cool and all but why do i get the feeling this is a little messy 😔


They probably really hella nice ❤️❤️💯


@zayluvs215 how is her mom still apart of their family 🤔??... And who said anything about me trying to defend a mistress! And who said u wasn't the one?!?... Not once did I give u any attitude... Seems like u are angry love bug!


Omgggg how cute!!


First of all she doesn’t respect your mom


@curvytay I can tell lol


@royalash2 I don’t care for her


@curvytay I was thinking the same thing 🤔


That was awesome ❤️😍


I wouldn't be surprised if Torrei had Heaven write Enigma a letter. It honestly looks like she's the one that goes the hardest about having harmony amongst them.


@flygurl_ That’s cause she ain’t right that note.


lol I'm petty but she'd be on punishment if I was torrie 😂😭😭😭 I kid.. I kid


Kids never lie about their feelings.. haha Eniko eniko


@vonnvonnn I think her daddy made her write that. I'm baffled but moving on


Wow... from the mouths of babes ❤️


I had to read this 3 times to comprehend everything ... i felt so slow . Im like who's heaven? Is he trying to say kevin... but wrote heaven because being with him is like heaven ... smh but anywaysssss awwwwwww 😍😍😍😍😍😍


Why yall got so much hate up in yall hearts bruh


@vonnvonnn could all be staged at the end of the day but I hope not.


@shaw_netta18 I respect that it’s just that the greatest of all time comment threw me that’s all.

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