"Don't tell me there's no such thing as gun violence." This is devastating.




You know it’s so sad how people still think it’s ok to carry around weapons I could die at school one day and I don’t even see my mom or dad in the morning and my brother would just cry


That’s why I the last thing i say to my family before I go to school or to sleep is I love you bc u never know


I don't think you care, but you posted this on my birthday lol❤️


E aqui no br tao querendo legalizar porte de arma, triste isso


This is why us aussies laugh when Americans say everything can kill you in Australia


🙏🏼🙏🏼God is bigger


I pray for him


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Oh my god...im so so sorry


I hate this. Gun violence needs to stop no matter what they say!


What a terrible world we live in 😔


@tb123_123 first of all if you want to argue with history you should probably first get your facts right. If you think that Poland “voted” Hitler in you are surely not intelligent enough to have a reflected opinion about gun laws. You all always argue that you need a gun to be safe but if not every mentally ill person could get a gun like that you wouldn’t have to worry. Country’s with strikter gun laws have way less to no school shootings at all and the citizens feel way safer. They do not have to worry that every person crossing their way has a gun and will use it. They do not have to worry that if they go to school or the mall or any public space that someone will start shooting at everyone and everything. They do not have to worry that the only way to protect themselves from those people is with a gun. Also it doesn’t mean that you can’t get guns at all it just means that only people who are capable of owning one should have one. This father and way to many other people had to suffer because guns are way to easy to get but some people thing that the right to own a gun is way more important than a live. The people who suffered because others got guns to easy should get some justice. Are some people really to ignorant and without any empathy to understand that?


@j4ak3_thesnake I agree, it is being misused but even if everyone had guns, not everyone knows how to use them properly. These jobs should be left to trained professionals. For example, in the Vegas shooting, police stated they did not want civilians interfering because it would complicate the situation even more. In general, this is a tough debate as it is part of US rights to be able to own a gun. However, just because something is written in the Constitution doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be questioned at some point. There were many revisions throughout history as it is an extremely old document. But anyway, just wanted to give my comment & thank you for being respectful :)


Omg 😭😭... wtf is wrong with people


@samanthaatan the correct use of a gun is to defend and hunt. The main purpose for is to defend and hunt same question. People just misuse them but like I said people get killed with hammers so should the government make it harder to own a hammer even if it’s main use is to build things? The more people with guns and know how to use them the less killings there will be. Bad gunman go for the people without guns for the most part so if every legally aged person that is mentally ok had it has a gun in those situations there would have been a lot less casualties. It is against the constitution to completely take away gun rights. There would be war before people gave up their rights.
Just my opinion.


@j4ak3_thesnake yes you are mostly correct, but if a gun is a tool, what is its correct use? what is the main purpose of a gun? is it not to hurt something or someone, or to kill? all it does is literally shoot bullets. I think what they’re trying to say is not to take guns away completely, but to make it much harder to obtain by people who want to commit these injustices.


@haliegh.johnson this is why we do not part without saying “I love you” I would never want my babies or myself to leave this world without knowing how much I cherish you. Saying “I love you” is simple. I am sure this sweet mans baby girl knew ❤️❤️💔 so heartbreaking. No parent/loved one should ever have to feel such heartbreak.


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@13.bxn._ tbh you made the conservative argument for us. You said it yourself: people are the problem, not guns. People will be violent whether there are guns or not.


@rusjxn U have the understanding of a carrot


@13.bxn._ so you agree that people are the problem


@sauerkrouser and the same goes for guns


This doesn’t affect my country but this is really emotional

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