"Don't tell me there's no such thing as gun violence." This is devastating.



Nikolas Cruz chose to stop so as to not get caught. That man showed no signs of stopping anytime soon. Nikolas had it all planned out. He chose to stop at a certain point


@andreappizarro Same time frame and less dead in the Florida shooting. Your point?


@jamesrakthe3rd if he killed 22 kids with a knife in 6 min, imagine how many he could’ve killed with a semiautomatic weapon... there’s a difference


@jamesrakthe3rd no it doesn’t, you have the right to arms, but it never says ALL arms does it????


@mallika_89 It infringes on Rights and there’s no statistics to back a correlation to these laws reducing gun violence. Literally the more free gun law states have lower crime rates.


@andreappizarro It took 6 minutes for a man in China to kill 22 kids with a knife. People kill is the point. If it isn’t guns. It’s bombs. If it isn’t bombs, it’s knives, if isn’t knives, it’s still bombs, and guns, and fists, and pipes, and crowbars, and cars.


@guillermo_del_taco School is a gun free zone. Imagine if it wasn’t... By the way, you must’ve missed the latest story that happened this past week. A Marine who was engaging in liberty, meaning he was in civilian attire enjoying his time off, prevented a mass shooting with his own firearm. He had a concealed carry permit. You won’t hear that in the news.


@ben_ball_18 The inalienable right to self-defense. It is a God-given right if you’re religious, or a human right if you aren’t. The second amendment? Bill of Rights? Do you know how many people died around the world due to their guns being confiscated and limited by the government? I’ll give you a hint; a little over 110 million dead.


@heruoftheuniverse I'm just letting you know that you can't express your feelings everywhere u go lul brah I'm certain u wanted to cry before but didn't because of where you were at.


All of us in Florida are broken. It’s sad that 17 lives were lost. Gun violence is not ok.#prayforflorida


Not standing for this. For the whole world 🌍


Yay or nah


@sarcardinal oh my god sar, i had no idea. i know you’re taking a break from social media now and i’m super late to see this, but my heart is with you and everything you stand for.


Gun violence was planned


I live somewhere around where the shooting happened


Omg that’s so sad


i’ve been so sad over how the world works wow.


this is so sad... ))):


That's so sad!!


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Parent's think it's safe some times but we would be better on mars 😢😢😢


Wtf why is this happening to this world


@ben_ball_18 there are many purposes for guns and they are not to shoot people... it’s the same as a knife, am I “sick” to have a knife because I could kill someone with it? No! Because I use my knife to cut my steak! Guns are the same. Also, a rock... I’m I “sick” to have a rock because I could kill someone with it? Nope I don’t think so


@ben_ball_18 all I hear you saying is that your so freaking small minded that you actually think there is not other purpose to guns then to shoot people so guess bro. Your the idiot


@ben_ball_18 No dude you don’t understand.... gun owners don’t kill people! I own a handful of firearms and I can swear on my life I will never shoot anyone with one unless necessary to protect me, my things, or my family


@hunterj_bracken so that means it’s a right to kill people. You guys are sick


It was ok to make a movie like spiderman, where there were no guns, oh wait there was.


For someone who lost there kids hes not angry enough where is the passion i really think alot of these events are contrived to force stricter gun control and more citizen surveillance. if the u.s. government continues to act like a God free of consequence soon other countries are gonna get fed up and then we have ww3 on our hands. Nato or no nato.

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