The future. #rp

The future. #rp




I own guns to protect my family and ain’t none y’all goin take that away from me #nra




ooh posted on my birthday


I protect my kids with my guns. So there's that.


What dose rp stand for




thats my school 🀭


I like guns


@llamericall https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/outlook/school-shootings-are-extraordinarily-rare-why-is-fear-of-them-driving-policy/2018/03/08/f4ead9f2-2247-11e8-94da-ebf9d112159c_story.html


@llamericall Mmm, I do currently attend school.... and I have no fear. You have a better chance getting struck by lightning or dying in a car accident. You just scared cause the media told you to be, so that the politicians can herd you all like the sheep you are.


@uprhndcmb yes. We are scared. If you were still attending to school you'd have the same fucking fear. Hope your little loved ones are protected.


Liberals really concern me sometimes


Create a crisis and then the sheep will want their rights taken.


Protesting guns like the brainwashed, drugged, and scared millennials you all are.


It’s not the guns it’s the people! The guns may be the weapon of choice but the person holding made that choice and the choices after! Why take away guns? Take away gun there just gonna start to use knifes...Because it’s the people!!!!


I can’t wait to see how everything turns out in the futureπŸ€”πŸ’―


1 with guns you dont have to feed them 2 you dont have to worry about their hospital bills so ya i'd rather have a gun


I wish more people where like you Zendaya


Thanks for posting such a wonderful pic!


Protesting guns is dumb, the gun did not kill, the kids kill


check it please ok, i need your advice i do


lmao I go here and 90% of the students are all educated and Republicans.... somehow she caught the 10% that are lost.....


That’s my school thanks for reposting our message!!!!!!


I hope so


That’s my school


Says the one who’s always guarded by armed security @zendaya


@zachare.zanon yh but not for killing and hurting people.


Guns are important, always have been. This chick dosent know jack

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