@alexa_bliss_wwe_ and #BraunStrowman are READY to square off against @wwe_asuka & @mikethemiz NEXT WEEK on #WWEMMC!




miz will win


Wreck it ralph


@adoresbliss oh really we couldn’t tell 😂😂😂


The Miz is gonna be scared of you bliss & strowman


@anant_bihari_official alexa didn't love brown. AHQHHHQQH


I keep forgetting his name but Braun looks like a dwarf king or something from the movie Hobbit Unexpected Journey or somthing like that


Can we please stop with these stupid caption graphics


Asuka’s undefeated streak will end that night when Team Little Big defeatas Aweska




If auska knocks out brown strowman how funny would that be


Sucks that they are going to loose, this was a good team


Winning team rt there


Team little big for the win


So so asome


Omg that's gonna be awwwweeeeesssssssoooooooooooommmmmmmmmreeeeeeeeeee


@irvass aweeeska ovviamente


Shut miz up for me Braun


What is Asuka saying


We don't need captions.


There isn't enough annoying text on this video. Get your shit together wwe


If team little big win is asuka still undefeated ????


@pengabdisetan310 man, your grammar sucks and mmc is for the viewers to see men and women together you idiot 🙄🙄


Ok, because of Asukas streak they are gonna win MMC its damn predictable


You are a bitch


Miz your loser


Love affair


@nicunwin because while they were taking this video bobby roode’s theme was put in the arena


@pengabdisetan310 ya englizzzz suk mannnnnnnnnnnnn


Creo q va hacer la primera vez q pierda Asuka :'( xD


We all know Asuka and the miz will Win because Asuka is Fuck Why Wwe Choice Asuka She like a trash and Clown in Wwe please Wwe Open Your Eye , I'm So hate Asuka I Hope She Die Soon Amin Amin


Alexa you can definitely become a champed mixed challenge with Braun


Braun and Alexia you guys are legends so I think you will win


Can’t wait for that match... I mean I know that miz and asuka will win, cause wwe won’t make that bitch asuka to lose her fucking undeserved streak, but hope at least they will manage to do it interesting

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