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Restock please!!!!!!!!!!


I need that dress restock please 😔


@fashionnova pleas restock again


Restock this


Please restock this 😫


@rachh_greenberg this is what I’m thinking


@kitty_sos they have other colors too👀 this might be a winner for meeeee


@kitty_sos i like this one too


Please restock!!


@__julietx33 este me gusta mas


Please restock this!!!


Still have ?


@baixinha_da_02 para os meus anos este é lindo



@briseldaa__ she looks so pretty Bri Bri but I️ don’t see it 😭😭


She looks like you lol!! @evelyn_1166


She's so beautiful!!! 😍


Omggg they restocked the dress I want 😩 @chrishiznit33


Already sold out 🤦🏼‍♀️


@naikouteki lmfaoooo it kinda doooo like the face @m.delrosariooo


@alfredo27alvarado this looks like Jenny!


You know you wanna see me in this 😏 @_marknicholas_


@naikouteki girl you’re crazy! I don’t see it one bit

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