Zac Efron

“What’s the point of all the finish lines we cross in life if there’s no one there to celebrate with?” This used to get me down when I felt alone- There’s many reasons BTW❤️😎🙏 - Ima be at every 🏁 with you from here until forever, Brother. Congrats @dylanefron #marathon #bostonstrong #bostonmarathon #letsgo 🏃

Boston Marathon




Uau lindo amei demais top👏👏👏👏❤️


Wow i have a brother to name dylan well done to him..


Cantik pic awk..😁Jom tgk deko rumah moden d IG sy 😀


And spectating that race wasn’t easy either!


😭❤️so heartwarming


COME TO CTTTT!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍💓💓💓


P.S. You're never alone. I will celebrate with you any day, forever. You'll always have lil o me and a few million others. When I feel like this I curl up with my dog and watch a Zac Efron movie and somehow the world isn't so bad.


Dang it man, between this and the dog thing you have some how gotten even hotter. You must have good parents. Wish all families were as close, kind, and supportive. Even a bigger role model. If your life ever takes you there, you're gonna be an amazing dad. No rush. ;)


Aw love this ! Family ❤️


@seanh6327 omgggg he was in Boston 😡


@morganlouw3 ahwwww morgs....miss you toooooo hey!! Its Jai wolf - Indian Summer.... yeeewww hope you still enjoying yourself!!


Omg I love this song too 😢


@raynard_els what was this songs name again??? Miss you!!! Xx


I love this!💗




Aw Zac you are so sweet to your brother ❤️❤️


What is the name of song? Pleassssse answer.


@the.johnnywalker Jai Wolf - Indian Summer


Anyone who wants to know the song it’s Jai Wolf - Indian Summer


Thank you! 🙂


@danyelle08 Jai Wolf- Indian Summer


What song is this? @zacefron


My dad was there


If I did that for my brother when he’s older he’d be like 🖕🏼off Aleisha


So sweet @zacefron. Love that you are there for your bro. Come visit New Zealand you guys you would love it here!! Haha I just signed up to flippin instagram again to tell you that and I couldn't help but comment on this loving post.



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