Manchester United

A record to be proud of. 🔴
An Academy player has made #MUFC’s first-team squad for 3915 consecutive games!




@mario_kordom idiot ni e....ode


manchesterunited kevadams برای دیدن مدل لباس های جدید 97 و 2018 به پیج ما سر بزنید




Hoje kikikikikikiki a minha BD hbb


Heeft barca een eigen jeugdspelers in het 1e? @william.rvvh


3 dewa .congyang .avriell linggard slamert .muhamad rafael .and muhamad solkjaer .alm .ms .sugeng gayam sari .


That's what Utd is all about


This is an unbelievable statistic @oliverhaultain


how can I join academy


manchesterunited manchesterunited برای دیدن مدل لباس های جدید 97 و 2018 به پیج ما سر بزنید


Train hard but lost against West brom at home 🙄


Would love spending the summer working and training my fitness there 🙏🏾🤙🏾😃💪🏾💯


Hard work 💪💪💪


But not hard enough.


How to join this Academy... #MUFC where my heart is belong ❤️🇸🇳


All this hard work and you can’t win against bottom sides 😓😓




Buy wingbacks!!!


@_lx.zvru.s__na need to make it here


the possibility of manchester united next season will not get any trophies if JM is still in charge of this team. this is not a player wrong. It is in the name of a coach who is wrong to buy a player. only a waste of money to buy players.




train hard to lose to @wba yeah.. useless team. Get rid of that loser called Mourinho


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Don't lose again


Go on united

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