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Here are just a few of the books on my bedside table.. Some will make you smile, some will make you cry, others will inspire you and encourage you to rediscover yourself. One thing is for sure though: they are all BRILLIANT ⭐️ Thank you @vogueaustralia for shining a light on my favourite reads! @oursharedshelf




@emmawatson you should read The Hate You Give, it’s so powerful.


Today is my Birthday❤️❤️❤️❤️ (18.4.)


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i'll read and have that's all books, i promise!!! thanks for inspired!!!


If you like all these then you'll love the work of Henry Corbin 'Alone with the Alone', it can take a while to get into but once you've delved in it truly is an enchanting piece of work, it left me entranced. Even now I'm a little nostalgic over it. Either Corbin, or something by Charles me Gai Eaton...there are so much more but I'll let you start here. All the best for the journey ahead xx


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Would you share this type of puctures more? I am so curious about every single book in your library.


I’m so glad that I’m a fan of such a big book lover 😍😃


Thank you Emma Watson for trying to make the world better




Hey emmi, read Dozakhnama of Rabisankar Bal, its basically a novel based writter by Manto one of the renounced writer of 19's in sub continent, its a kind of conversation between a poet and novelist after dead beneath the surface in tombs.


Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction books?


Beautiful Gallery


Glad to know that u really love books... I think u only do that in Harry Potter...


Books are a best way to take knowledge for take your designs in your life


lova ya and i have your harry potter books @emmawatson


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