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Grumpy turtle 🐒 Photo by @_markfitz

Grumpy turtle 🐒 Photo by @_markfitz




Mean muggin


@jake.wierenga Everyone sees the turtle in this pic but i don’t. Do you?


Valla Regisseurβ€˜s Blick 1zu1 @kbrklnc.c


His face says "not another picture" lol


The water is very clean which river is it #earthpix


Looks like a good place to be 🐒🐒


@nitaaasha but why you grumpy tho


@brittnosk bahahaa. The cutest grumpy turtle evva!


@mariav_sotelo jajajaja casi casi


@katyvcp esa es la versión Vic 🐒✌🏻


@mariav_sotelo creo q estΓ‘ molesta


Wow amazing shot


@feuer_kind "Grumpy turtle" - das trifft es ziemlich genau!


#unexpected visitor - look




@earthpix @michaelalbert_15 it’s true thnx for keeping me sane xoxo


cute and great


Great!! Congratulations!! πŸŽ‰πŸŒŸβœ¨


@andrewfeeney88 this would be you if you were a turtle


I look all of your pics. You do such a wonderful job.

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