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Grumpy turtle 🐒 Photo by @_markfitz

Grumpy turtle 🐒 Photo by @_markfitz



How old do you think I am ?






...sad because of the messy ocean waters. Wouldn’t u be grumpy 2!


I’m working on my posture!


@mateuspamplona_ VC CONHECEU UMA SUPER turtle


@caraeyre me when peeps use straws


@sukhi_kaur_b πŸ˜‚ I can't wait to watch finding nemo with her


What a picture!!!!


Looks like a giant turtle flying in the sky


@brunababreu KKKKKKK sepa q era maior q essa aΓ­


tio to em choque ainda c a super turtle @mateuspamplona_


@s_mokic hahahahahahahahahaha nismo normalne


So much attitude in one turtle. @music_jess22


@flyergirl74 Now you have a turtle too!!! 😾


It’s angry everyone’s using so much plastic

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