@chargers rookie @derwinjames hits the field! 😎
πŸ“·: Chris Carlson/AP

@chargers rookie @derwinjames hits the field! 😎
πŸ“·: Chris Carlson/AP



@infamouschris702 Lol we have the best qb in the division


@jsmith02478 right comeback when you have a QB until then ur comment is irrelevant


@infamouschris702 love it when fans from our division try to troll on us. He's just mad because his team became instantly irrelevant when Manning retired.


The swag β˜”οΈ


I hope his legs break


DROY right there✊


@d.smith300 Hes going to be so good


Can you please stop trying to help the chargers with the LA market and stop promoting them. You guys never did this when they where in San Diego


Wish we would have grabbed him in Tampa. Instead we got Danny Shelton 2.0


Next Ramsey


@amillinge ser gal ud!


@jonjesper ya Hoag sponsors their performance center. Pretty cool!


Ronnie Harmon


Cowgirl fans be triggered!!! All salty!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


@augustus221 you’re on jerseys now?!


@samlietzau ya I think he was a much safer pick with guaranteed impact but I got a good feeling about Jaire Alexander too


@j_nik1 he ain't tryna make his self look bigger! Derwin is big as hell already. Betta go look


Should be in a cowboys jersey


Pissed the @dallascowboys didn’t make a move for him


@niciver when he retires


@a.chiang29 buddy let it go

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