So perfect beauty!👍💕💕💕😍😍




Mongrel 🤢🤮


Jenner or rata ??


I think you want to be like @emrata


Kendall is a tranny


This one is one of my favorites


@eri.carl mirip lu bet kaaa


ne çirkinsin amk


You have always been beautiful @kendalljenner but it seems you are finally falling in line with the cosmetic procedures. What made you want to undergo them after all this time remaining natural?


@brumarquezine e nessa aqui também


Looking so different these days :(


Ur so beautiful


She is more beautiful than kylie😍


She looks more like @emrata than @emrata


What the hell happened to your face


@hanasad1 hahahaahahahahah daaaaaa 😂😂😂

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