@adachi_650 oh I forgot “he is the best rapper in the world, my bad”


@jack_sloan_14 ummmm like every other song


Donald Glover is #1 without a doubt


NF, J.Cole, and Joyner Lucas


Tupac Shakur already at the top.


what about justin timberlake? he acts sings can dance, idk jus sayin


Kendrick, Guwop, Drake


@falom1 try me falom


X he is the most versatile artist there is rock pop and rap and he can fight and he is s savage I can't believe only 1 mentioned him drake steals other rappers flow and has ghostwriters


Chris Brown, Beyonce, Rihanna


Nba Youngboy, Asian Doll, Kodak


Chris brown. Childish Gambino. And I dont listen to his music, but bruno Mars seems to be naturally talented.


Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Logic or Childish Gambino


Donald Glover, Donald Glover, Donald Glover.


Cole and kendrick there is no number 3


Chris brown, migos, & drake


J Cole Kendrick and Logic or Hopsin


Kendrick Lamar , asap rocky ,Playboi carti


@smithbrandonj98 nah, he’s overall one of the most talented people in the last decade if u think ab it. He’s a good singer and can play multiple instruments, he’s acted before, etc.


J. Cole


Drake, Beyoncé, LeBron/Odell toss up


Juice wrld,J Cole and Kendrick Lamar




@juliadekker_ I swear he washed up


Not even Kendrick I got Kodak,Young M.A and Chris Brown


Bruno mars must be there somewhere

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