5-Minute Crafts

Watch to the end, you won't regret it. 😉
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@kam.il.ah the hydrogen peroxide


@deyschenelle, let's do this and make ma'am pour the stuff in😂😂


Her smile is creepy


Elephants toothpaste isn’t spectacular science


This is great to scare the girl😆😅


I regret it also u have weird smile


@boydairina я думала это мне одной так показалось 😅


@juliietita768 lo haces vos jajajajaja


"блять", "мамочки" вот она русская душа😂😂😂


Troomtroom sucks


@saraayag 😂😂😂😂que es eso?


What’s the girl in the videos insta or name ??


I just wasted a whole minute of my life why


@radwahamada14 بفكر اعملها في وشي


@kokamagdyradwan بتفكري نجربها ونولع في المعمل ولا ل😂😂


@abh_563 Yeap 😂😂


از اینا انجام بدیییییییم 😍😂 @parisawd


Am i the only who observed she saying "Oh Shit" ;_^




This real..?


@md67x اي عشان ينفجر


@shosho11_98 وناسه ودي اسويها بلبيت

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