Kim Kardashian West

✨ Heavenly yellow ✨






J’adore 😉💛✨


This low key reminds of the yellow dress that Kate Hudsons character had to wear to the "Dior Diamond" party with Mathew McConaugheys charater in the movie "How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days"......absolutely gorgeous Kim!


Stunning dress @kimkardashian ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️




I don’t think I’ve seen her in too many bright colors. Mainly a lot of neutrals. She looks really pretty in yellow.


Lovely dress just keep your head up pls you will not fall. #professional #expertise


Ye ... Wonder Woman




The art of drapestry of this dress.






Tres cruzes!


Goddess 👏


North needs to stunt this when she gets older


praticamente peserai circa 25 kg più di me


She stages everything. Good grief


I love yellow...WEAR MORE YELLOW!!


Kim you have the best dresses in the world hands down. I don't care what no body says. You out do all the others keep at it. Love y'all


Sort of looks like a yellow Wonder Woman bodice. 👍🏻


This look went off


Go ahead and crop the real out 🙄


Como toda una señora de respeto a lo grande mi señora


When your friend chooses the filter best for her and not you too... 😏 @lala


Perfecta e inigualable!! 💛⭐💫


Love this dress!!!

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