Emma Watson




I hope you punch the person in face who ever it was who that Tree Down.


Wow, how can I get to that spot? lol


I am a voice


I love you emma




Emma i love you are pretty a model you were divine when you acted in Harry Potter i saw all the movies just for you and you are divine you are diva i love you for everything sos in ángel your fan 😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


How did you get there, you are quite brave <3


I love you my queen😻💙




What a beautiful setting! Such a wonderful photo!! 👏😁




It's my Hermione... Became adult.


Love you and when you are in a film your acting is really good like beauty and the beast


you have been my inspiration my whole life, I am your biggest fan


Why does this look like a scene from Noah that Shem should be in with Ela?? BTW I love you so much Emma!! ❤❤


So inspiring, lyl!! 💗💗


when i saw it was so sad what an inside jerk to some feel my love remember you only why should i belong to other even not me.






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Hello Emma Watson

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