LeBron James

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” – MLK 🤝 IG Stories will be used on this page as a platform for people bringing light to this world. #AlwaysBelieve




Dear friends,
We human beings are on this planet,to help all off them without possibility to be free because fear made by uss .
Without fear this planet will become place love peace and kindness.
When we human beings accept all created creatures equal to uss,
Equal all
All equal
Then in that state of mind 
We will become what we are 
Then we 
We will become one
We are .All the same


@candressandoval1506 cómo para que te gustaría


Thank you for what you did for Cleveland!!! My husband is from the east side of Cleveland, Richmond Heights.... I'm a native Californian, born in Santa Monica, we have a love of sports in common, we both played basketball in school.....When you left the Cavs the first time, we were upset, that you bailed on them, we were hoping for more, from you,then you got your championship..... and you made your way back home! You were embraced by the fans of the Cavs as well as the residents of Ohio, all was forgiven..... You played with your heart..... Brought the championship to Cleveland..... Much to the joy of so many loyal fans......... We thank you for that!!! Now you have moved on to another challenge...... We wish you the best with the Lakers, they have had a great history of great players........ Now, they have the best one ever!! Continue to play from your heart and for the love of the game!! This is the reason we love and respect you so much!!! It's not all about the money!.....


@kingjames When do you plan on scoring 75+?😂#It'sToEasyForYou


@kingjames bring back Bill Murray! Or cast me as an extra 😂🤦‍♂️ I'll bring the hookah


Kindness is real


Hi Lebron, I work with Pooh Jeter and he owns a men’s shoe store in LA. I was wondering if you could connect me with your management to see about doing a welcome to LA meet with you. Could you please chk your dm.


it goes in my life and I need to apply it


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4x💎💎💎💎 soon mark my words. The Ultimate King Of All The Goats. #LeGOAT👑🐐


By the way his name is KING JAMES 👑 👑




Definitely Awesome Inspiration Indeed 🍀🍎⭐️🎤❤️🍀🍀⭐️


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Jesus died for our sins his kingdom is not of this world repent for the kingdom of Elohim is at hand


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