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Hair by @sararevuelta




i thought she was kourtney


Those pants were super unflattering and her hair was uneven 🤷🏼‍♀️


Is that kountney wth


@_mbbm_ right💀


Definatley not just to show off her ass




Go the hairdressers girl


What the video says: how to cut your hair straight and make it all healthy... What she wants to say: Hey everyone, Look at my butt


@katey.rinehart okay cool then don’t watch it she was showing how long her hair was so be quiet


What she want from us to see 😂?




The blue stripe on the jeans is making me rage


@ilovelzgznd I was thinking the same thing😂😂


this video was made to show off her ass


This girl is stupid


Nice baby


😁😜😜😇پست خیلی خوبی بود. لطفا به صفحه ما هم سر بزنید و از آخرین مطالب و مدهای مربوط به زیبایی استفاده کنید.😍😂😍


مطالب قشنگی دارین ،به پیج من سر بزنید ❤️


WhAt the heck is this 🤔


Noooooo stop you're making hairstylists mad


this is horrible


Hola guapa


Your hair is amazing!!!!!

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