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Retail workers know the pain
#retail #trumpkimsummit #9gag

Retail workers know the pain
#retail #trumpkimsummit #9gag




Retail workers! Imagine a table of ten coming in the last 5 mins and ur a dishwasher lol


@raghidsal hahahhhaah hala2 ta chftAπŸ™€πŸ™€


@rana.froggy7 check out this haha


@sinanks can't stop laughing


@ma_rio._ at Delhaize :)


@re.ckim lmao us in a nutshell


@jenny_ceslik wir 2 gestern πŸ˜‰


@vendelaennefors det hΓ€nde ju igΓ₯rπŸ˜‚


Der hΓ€r kommer hΓ€nda i sommar @fanny.okvist @lillynordlund


@arielbar96 לא Χ”Χ‘Χ ΧͺΧ™ Χ—Χ—Χ—


@virgmass ils sont les pires clients ever !


Hahahaha so true πŸ˜‚


@_evonnetan_ hahahahhahaha sooooo true


@brandonvannoort only saw this now but its too good !!


@just.soulmo πŸ˜‚ I feel hot here at the back


Dictator and Tyrant.

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