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Original candles that'll make your world brighter. 😊 Part One
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That's a complete waste of candles


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
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Why tha hell did they use a condom


I thought when they grated the candle that it was Parmesan cheese lmaooo


Cute,but wouldn’t the wax shell melt?


Is beautiful


Shave down the candle into a powder and eat it


So that looks like a fire hazard.


Video: how to reuse old candles. *uses a candle that hasn't been lit once*


@tiiiinchoec mirá Martín para tu taller. En esta página hay ideas buenísimas


ابطال الدايت قبل وبعد صدمه قويه ....💪💪💪💪حياكم بحسابي


There goes my chesse grinder


That was a condom?


@dixvieiral aaaa eu fiz isso neee, mas o meu não ficou tão bonito kkkkkkkk


You are shredding a big candle only to make a wax thingy just to put small candles?


@shruti_1503 i had seen this. But will it be worth making?


Stupid and u can just melt it without shredding it. Don't be cheap peeps. Just buy a candle lol


Ok but the intro was so satisfying 😍


گروه صکصی تلگرام لینک در بیو


Have fun cleaning that one.....


@summer.l._.x I thought the same. Some of these posts lack common sense.


@j.cheung.321 slightly? Hah.


@youseerain because that makes too much sense


why does the person put the shredded candle in the bowl with their hands instead of just pouring it in from the plate

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