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The road to Furya...




And yes the 4th instalment needs to be seen b4 the tv series. The FURIAN WORLD MUST BE EXPLORED , WITH A TEASE, B4 IT'S MADE INTO SERIES. BUT DON'T GIVE AWAY TOO MUCH ON THE BIG SCREEN.


Ofcourse there should be a cameo appearance. But it needs to be thought out carefully in order to maintain "The Riddick Chronicles" integraty. A T.v. series would be amazing. As a humongous fan, There is still a lot in the story line that can be played with and with the right touch, i do believe it can be a story line that can shine and even out do DC and Marvel Comics. It must be shown on HBO OR SHOWTIME OR NETFLIX. WHATEVER MY GO FORTH WITH this, Please do not fall into the commercial B.S. LIKE "BLADE" . IT MUST BE FULL BLOWN. NOT SOME TBS, SYFY, ETC... B.S.! DO NOT SETTLE. With the right stuff and creative minds this "Riddick" story can take over the SYFY world. It must be done with tact, finesse, and true love for the story line. IF DONE RIGHT, I TRUELY BELIEVE, "RIDDICK" CAN BE THE RENAISSANCE OF SYFY! NEW BEGINNINGS OF COMICS AND SUPER HEROES!!!!! PLEASE DONT FUCK THIS UP!!! #TRUEFAN #SYFYLOVER #GOAGAINSTTHEGRAIN #BELIEVE INDARIDDICK. I'VE ALWAYS LOVED SUPERMAN, SUPERMAN...ETC.. ESPECIALLY WONDERWOMAN; BUT IT'S TIME TIME TO BREAK FROM THE NORM❤️ #FURIANCHICFORLIFE.~~~ORIGINALITY IS NEEDED~~~ STOP THE DC-MARVEL MONOPOLY.~~ BELIEVE IN "DA RIDDICK" P.S. RIDDICKS CAMEO SHOULD ONLY BE AS AN INTRODUCTION OR IN THE MIDDLE OF A 2ND SEASON. ~~~❤️❤️ I'M JUST SAYING~~~ FOOD FOR THOUGHT FROM A NOBODY😘 @vindiesel


Would love to see more of the Riddick universe like Chronicles😎


Uh...hell yeah!!! Lol


سلام دیزل جان خوبی جیگر چخبر از هالیوود


Te amo ❤️ saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪


Ay am gey oh yes seks vindesel sikivi agzima allib caldir tok agzima senin kefini yeyim senin gotunu yaliyim


Any chance to see Riddick is one i vote for


@vindiesel Movie tie-in cameo? 🙌👍 Hell yes!


Fuck yahhhh brother


You are fantastic😍😍


so sweet 😘😘


@adybell1998 @stephs_rebelpistol @ericabrown_sb @crystal_51 ... 💙 my binge of the riddick franchise may never end 😂 and Yall are gonna have to learn all the lines too so we can play separate characters in the films. It's odd having to say every part myself 🤣😭😍


I always thought Riddick needed a TV show of his own. Adventures through space doing badass stuff. More deaths by household objects 😂😂


@davebautista when are you coming back to the WWE


You are so charming in that video and you look really gooood😍😍💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💋💋❤️❤️💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻


Can't wait


Riddick des Riddick ❤️

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