💕Baby True 💕




she’s the cutest little baby 😍


Litel koko


@dddddiiiiiccccckkkkk11111 why cuz there lighter thats a damn lie...Complexion doesnt make u beautiful ...she just as cute as the others btw all the Kardashian babys are black period sound ignorant


@belsupho mommmmmm! Say it isnt so!!!!!!


Hey little girl. Guess what? You have the coolest mommy in the world. Your so beautiful and precious. You make her world all make sense. @khloekardashian


Gorgeous. 😩❤️


Those Eyes!!!


شكله غريب بس كيوت👌💜




Esta feita tu hija 🤭 @khloekardashian


This Child!!! Being a Grandmom is the best feeling❤️👼🏼❤️. @khloekardashian


She's just perfection 😍💗


Those beautiful eyes


@thathobbygirl I think Kylie' s baby is adorable. .




so so so beautifyl


@bananaboutiquemua how do know if u haven’t seen a picture of me 🖕


Shes so pretty!!


You got yourself an amazing baby! So beautiful 😍💕




True baby so cute❣


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