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They promise bumper to bumper warranty and it's a lie. do not buy nissan#nissansucks#nissanrougesucks


Cuando en mรฉxico? :,v


Don't buy it. They won't help if the car has issues and no customer support at all.


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I absolutely L O V E the new Leaf ๐Ÿƒ...I came sssoooo close to getting one a few months close I had it ordered...and I got laid off...been outta work for 6 months.....




When Nissan motor introduce this car in Pakistan?


Itโ€™s a little too expensive, $30k can get you many other nicer things


Only i have to wait do many months for mine. That is a bit of a Shane.


Casi como las trompas de los Hondas


Straight lines sell cars.........


I'd rather walk thank you


I have this one.. that perfect..


Helo,guys..why not you get Atmosphere Drive for your car??It wil make your car much better.Trust me.Just dm me to know much better about this product


10 days of Lead madness in Washington State #turnanewleaf


Iโ€™m curious how is your research on ethanol solid oxide fuel cell range extenders? Is it feasible and practical to use SOFC on cars?


Shit ugly car I thought Nissan was a good car company it seems like all car companies are dieing and killing their brands like what an earth is this. Ugly shame full.


These cars look great, but still not GTR




Dear Nissan,

Please make another Sentra SER Spec V. The new Nismo Sentra is turbocharged with only 188hp and is pretty disappointing. Honda brought us the Type-R and it slays!






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Why nissan why!?


Thanks for sharing my pic ๐Ÿ˜„


UHG another mondayyy


Perfect beauty๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜

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