just shave your head if its that bad


@ara.rg_ o haci amooor


کارهاتون فوق العاده هستن💗


Saw this and thought of your video yesterday. Is this the shade that you eventually want to have? It’s so pretty! @brittanyjoystrafuss


@freddie.yeah I prefer icy but the pic I sent was more for style and length


@grecianaibahoo hahahaha..ydh ntr panjngin lagi aj.


@jacobnindert iya endaaa 😞 senyesal kayak kamu potong rambut yang salah kmaren


What color have you applied to the hair root?


@bryonybyrony that’s not really like the picture you sent me tho! This is really icy and the pic was super golden🙈🙈🙈


@freddie.yeah this is the colour I want


@grecianaibahoo tuh kan nyesal ptong pndek rmbut ny


@jacobnindert omg ndaaaaa 😁 (ngode)


@s_faggion ta vue même si c’est brun sa deviens gris


Hey everyone please follow my journey of becoming a male model thanks ☺️🤗💖


Do not apologize for fasting and become lonely. I hope to see you
Ask forgiveness of God, but one day
We spend after the feast, and attach goats!@bn_d8lh


Any salons that good in Orlando?


Wht we say that lotion type


@ch0cklat شايفة الحلويات دى 😁

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