Whitney Baby

It’s almost the weekend! #weekendvibes #braids #tb

706 Atlanta, Georgia





You’re so pretty!! 💕 We’re an independent clothing brand and currently looking for ambassadors, and you would seriously be perfect!! As an ambassador you get really great rewards & up to 70% off all items. If you’re interested I have a link in our bio😌


Amei 👏👏muito estilosa 💋✌


ممكن نتعرف


Yep n you ve gotta stand firmly and make the most outta lifey hon


Seigneur Jésus 😍😍😍!!! Tu veux me tuer ou quoi !? 💍???




@abode_el_jbale ههههههههه خزو مابردك 😂😂😂


ههههههههههههههههههههههههه تشعر انها بيضا و شعرها اصفر وعيونها خضر @rouza_bella شوفيها 😂😂


Inconfondibile bellezza


U are so pretty


So pretty as always.


Love uuuuuu


Beautiful 🧡.. U love your throwbacks'

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