Ayla is so interested in what I’m eating and drinking lately! Today she stared and imitated me while I tucked into the best @happywayau smoothie! She kept reaching for it. Can’t blame her it tasted like icecream 🤤 Recipe today was: Vegan vanilla powder, frozen banana, frozen blueberries, cacao powder, kale, coconut water! I sprinkle coconut and nuts through too. 👌Use my code HAPPYDANI for discount at checkout!




Where are your shorts and top from?


I just did my order of the protein bundles so I can try them all to see what I like the most hehe thanks for promoting a product that’s breastfeeding friendly @danibonnor xo


Want to save a lot of time doing your makeup? I do permanent makeup and will give you a great discount if you are interested!


Is she holding her head up really good yet or os it still shaley?


Yum! I'm going to try it. Might give me the extra boost of energy I need at the moment 🤰


Princess 💘


@danibonnor where are your blogs hun x


I need to know what you eat in a day!! ❤️


Can you get it in the USA?


Hey hon. Do you have these as a meal replacement?


Do you find it upsets her tummy at all? I found the chocolate whey upset my baby girls tummy so ordered the vegan vanilla one to try, there is mixed info about the maca in it though and breastfeeding. What are your thoughts? Ox


My daughter was 19 weeks yesterday and she's also sooo interested in what I'm eating. Tried her with a little banana and pear this morning 🤭♥️ she loved it. I love your pictures. You two are so cute 👌🏽♥️



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