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Thinking of my Irish sisters #together4yes #repealthe8th




Baby’s body not just hers






"We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men (plural mankind =humankind don't get triggered already) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Notice the specific order/hierarchy thise rights are declared in. The life is created at conception.


Emma Watson. You are DISGUSTING. End of.




@mehnameisjake Besides, you claim that a fetus is only considered a person by the 8th month, but you must ask yourself, WHY? A zygote, the very first phase of a human being, already has human chromosomes. That discards its possibility of being ANYTHING else besides a person. You might come up with "thinking and feeling is what determines humanity", but then, would it be valid to kill unconcious people, because they aren't thinking or feeling anything? Would you value their lives as little as you value the one


@mehnameisjake Yes, but, over 30% of the abortions are carried out AFTER the second month, (so even you recognize this percentage as human beings), and a 65% EXACTLY at the second month or before. By the 8th week, the fetus has already developed every body organ, including a nervous system, which means, surprise, THAT THEY CAN ACTUALLY FEEL PAIN.


@mary.katherine__ I am sorry to get so graphic with you, but that was the reality of the situation and countless Irish women came forward telling their stories of miscarriage and other horrors they were put through because of the 8th. Please inform yourself before commenting on the situation. We love babies in Ireland and no abortion is a happy situation. It is something we all researched a lot and put thought into. Ireland is a safer place now that the 8th is repealed


@mary.katherine__ the 8th amendment that Ireland repealed didn't allow women to have anything even resembling an abortion. This lead to things like women miscarrying but being left to continuously miscarry in a hospital bed or at home for sometimes a week or more. This was because the foetus that was being miscarried still had a heartbeat though it had no chance of survival. This lead to two counts of suffering that were huge human rights violations: 1. The little foetus inside the mother's tummy was now slowly dying and suffering, dehydrated of the amniotic fluid that should be there to protect it. 2. The mother is left in pain and agony for an immeasurable amount of time and risks death via sepsis at any stage due to this dying foetus left inside her. A woman in Ireland did die from sepsis. Once sepsis hits, it hits very quickly.


Aruba 👍


@mehnameisjake Actually you sound stupid since your a guy and can't get pregnant. 💩head


@mehnameisjake A fetus can feel pain in about 20 weeks. The only time I would ever support abortion is if the Fetus was aborted really soon while its still a cell and theres barely any body developed yet.


@_john_kelley_ No it does not. But making the woman bear the child does not make sense as well.


@annafitz01 actually thinking about that I get your point. A lot of people vote and choose something. But they don’t know what they agreed to. Especially in 2018


@mehnameisjake you’d be surprised by the amount of people who voted yes without relising what they have just agreed to , you’d be surprised to how many woman make that choice not thinking and don’t want it


@annafitz01 I think she’s know the consequences before. She’d be told them. Or at least be smart enough to research them.


@mehnameisjake aborations can lead to that woman to not be able to have children again so yes we need to protect the woman who don’t know the consequences of what could happen


@mehnameisjake then why don’t you tell me how I’m wrong instead of just calling me stupid without any reason given


@mamacitaheelsandlace “close your legs” you have no idea how stupid that sounds


@martin_moen15 a baby isn’t even a baby until 7ish months in pregnancy. Until then it’s just a bunch of cells


@annafitz01 thats different though. Cutting and self harm is stopped because we want to protect people


@hunter_lordofmemes yeah but a fetus isn’t even scientifically a ‘person’ until about 7 or 8ish months into being pregnant


@sofi_jmz just get over it. A fetus isn’t even considered a ‘person’ until 7 or 8ish months after being pregnant. Until then it’s a bunch of cells. If you don’t like something, just don’t do it. It’s simple


@gavin_ramsey_unfunny you have no idea how stupid you sound


I am not like her. I do not want to be her.


What about the baby’s body? I understand where you’re coming from, but at what point would a baby get the right to live?


Babys body is not her body


@freedom_girlll infants rely on their mother, is it okay to kill them?

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