Emma Watson

Thinking of my Irish sisters #together4yes #repealthe8th




@nevesumner It is. People are just too weak and full of pitiful excuses.


@greenelixir I’m sorry I don’t want to be rude but your really stupid for thinking it’s that easy


@nevesumner If her family disowned her for something like that then they're not a very good family are they? And if he was abusing her, more reason to get out of the relationship or tell someone what's happening so they can help.


Year its her choice for how much she'll sell it


@greenelixir you don’t know her situation what if he was abusing her or what if her family would disown her if she got divorced


@nevesumner Her husband kept making her 🤔 She could have left him and had the baby and they both live. Then that's 2 lives saved right there.


Not her body. A human life. What about the rights of the unborn females who cannot speak up for themselves?


@sadbh_potterhead do u think u are superior to an unborn baby😂


Bet so if I see someone cutting themselves ima just think of what you say her body her choice


yes, fetus body, right to fetus life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Keep your legs close! How about that choice?!?!


Yes for equality, Yes for support, Yes for health, Yes for women and girls! 👍


Yes for support


Emma, there's a human body inside the uterus too, one that's still forming, possibly the one of a woman, so why can only one of them choose over her body?


@vigilcrystal What about the forming person inside you? If it's a woman, you should defend her right to make choices over her body too, right??


Yep. An unborn woman in the womb should always have the choice of what to do with her body, not anyone else. #righttolife




And what about the baby's choice? Shouldn't they gave one? I mean, since we're suppose to wait for them to decide things like their gender, shouldn't we wait until they can have a say IN THIS?!?!?!!


@dasilvajoas02 ya lol they’re not actually her sisters.




@dasilvajoas02 she’s speaking in terms of Irish women and their right to choose.


@bgoins88 You're so correct. Her body her choice....even if she chooses to commit suicide.


You think so good Emma


Such a beautiful picture.


Que hermoso💚

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