The #Nissan #Xmotion takes the #ProPILOT tech offered in the #NissanLEAF a step further, by using the newest autonomous and AI technologies so the driver can switch from a manual drive to a fully autonomous ride. #FutureFriday #Nissan #IntelligentMobility




@matchu63 Find out what kind of Drugs these People are on, they could have never came up with this on the natch. It SHOUTS “ I AIN’T AMERICAN !!!! “ HUMANS have never been further away from are as they are today. A Cow Flop has better lines. The designers of this Eye Sore all wear CHINESE MADE SHOES, it shows in their work.
( WORLD ART 2009 )
Ps. I’d rather put Wheel on my GREEN GARBAGE CAN and drive it than this SLAM to the ART WORLD. The ARTIST has a GRUDGE AGAINST MANKIND !


@okpoppa ❓😳 ❓


Sorry, other than the logo, I don’t like anything about it.


Awesome car


price kitni ha


It’s this something I can buy or just an idea?


@just_jdms How about i get your account banned for unwanted commercial content?


@kvaughn600 I dont see any progress. I only see the opposite of that. They are ruining what nissan is known for.


Bravo to smarty design


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FKNG UGLYYY stop killing my favorite brand please


@nissan built it. Would be a great add to the garage. That could be 3 Nissan's in my garage. Built it.


@s14nissan they need to come out with a newer model of silvias


Wtf is this 💀 Issa bootleg juke


So much hate in these comments. Love it or hate it, looks progress, styles change. There should always be nods to the past when appropriate but get with the times people.


But where's the iDx.. that car would be a nice tribute to the Datsun 510. Simple, yet friendly. Sometimes not all technological advancements are good, just saying.


Please, stop so much prototypes that will not be for sale in the next two years and focus on putting the chademo charging points out of the dealers, accessible to all of us who have an EV Nissan, free or payment, but 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. This is how the change to a sustainable future is achieved, not with prototypes that can not be used comfortably because there is no a usefull charging network. Thank you.---------------- Por favor, dejen de enviar tanta publicidad de prototipos que no van a poner a la venta en los proximos dos años y centrense en poner los puntos de carga chademo fuera de los concesionarios, accesible a todos los que tenemos un EV Nissan, gratis o de pago, pero las 24 horas del día y los 365 días del año. Así es como se consigue el cambio a un futuro sostenible, no con prototipos que no se pueden usar comodamente por no haber red de carga. Gracias.


чувак у меня такая токо нисан кашкай


Hopefully this is the new Murano




wow it so cool


Damm this Car looks good


Follow me for JDM Car pictures.


Wtf is this Tesla looking thing




I-robot becoming reality


The Juke is ugly but the team that designed this should be fired



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