Toronto Raptors

T.O will be well represented at this years’ @nba Africa Game thanks to this trio.









I think we can bring Chinese player Yi Jianlian back to the NBA.


guys!!! The best player to give you rings will be Kevin Durant! Think about it @raptors @raptorsroadcrew




This team still exists??


Y’all are a joke, lol.


Very nice


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I Really Hope @kingjames & @hassanwhiteside Go Up North Next Season 💯


@gowmagnus ok stop being high dog.


@tj_capital I don't really care


Next year those three players will be playing in the finals with this team. They will lead the team next year


So many idiotic Raptor fans out there. Some folks have no basketball knowledge. Trade DeMar and say goodbye to the playoffs for the next five years. Atlanta Hawks blew up their team And I don’t see that they’re going to be contenders anytime soon


@brendan.scott01 i cant comeover tonight


Ybn cordaes song about d’rose knees have me weak


@gowmagnus you like it?


Who cares. Trade Demar.




@timothycharles of course, but it looks bad on us when a team full of rookies (Boston) and Oladipo & the Pacers can both take Bron to a G7..meanwhile we can't even get a game on these guys


Who’s the new head coach for the raps


They should do ok as long as Lebron is not in the tournament.


Yo what happened to demars upper cheek bone it looked like he got poked with needles😞


trade bait


@slimmacho_ So many teams haven't gotten passed Lebron. there are plenty of bad examples of when blowing up your team goes wrong. this is still a very young team. blowing up the core would not be the answer. Casey needed to get fired and he did. Raptors just don't have the players to play Casey's system. #TRUSTMASAI




@gowmagnus you look so high in your profile picture


The winning team


Tired of these losers.

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