Vin Diesel

We are Groot!

I’m proud to support the Rohhad Association with a @Charitybuzz auction! Bid & you could win my custom jacket I wore to the Infinity Wars premiere, all to benefit a great cause...




You are such an amazing man keep up the great work ❤️


😍😍 I love you




Vc é tão lindo sou sua fã😮😍


You need to take time to respond to people who love you take a day to respond to your children you will not die because of it


Lindo love




You’re so kind💋


Hey Vin you are so cool please add me on here I'm a big big fan of yours






Awe awesome for saying that people need t hear it 👍for you I’m your biggest fan and I love your attitude


I was to late to see this video & I AM A VICTIM of a VIN DIESEL SCAMMER 💔😢


@mariaalforte633 me to María please contact me to be more aware... Thank you!


Thanks fo aware us about the fake accounts! I have being a victim asking me for money!!! I never send the money...


You are amazing my idol


Just had some1 messaging pretending to be u. Grrrrrr. Thank God I'm not so nieve arses. Hope yr well x




Amor mucho amoree🇺🇾✌️😘😘


Beijos no teu coração


Oye quiero un carrito de tu concurso para estoy a pie o el dinero para comprar uno


@zoesaldana no @therock does vin diesels😂


Yes i was victim of that fake account


Your amazing my idol


I want your jacket i really feel that i earned it from. You baby love you so much more then you love me. If you really love me give me something of yours meaninf alot!!!!!!


Love vindisel


Do you remember Moana yeah Mally he freaks out every time

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