DeMarcus Cousins

“ I been grinding since a youngin in the trenches this ain’t nothing new to me “





Can't wait til u hit the floor for the first time the session u the third spalsh brother


No skill


@timsand_74 yall sleepin on him


This is awesome!


Everybody needs it


Rooting for you bro


@mustbe_escobar lil baby - fit in


@jeromie9 find the name of this song bro


Get them so you back in Dubs!




Yea grinding to be a snake


Don't rush it. Ignore the haters.


Work hard bro👍 see u in ur first game in dub nation!


To everyone calling @boogiecousins a snake y’all just needa get tf outta here tryna troll ppl on instagram saying he is taking the easy way out the is his job in case you didn’t hear no one else offered him and I’m not saying anything bad about that but without him playing and accepting the offer warriors gave him he has no job so just get out of the comments the man is grinding keep it up big dawg


@basil___23 check my comment above here ✊🏿😭😭😭


@siriuselkmtunited You went the correct direction , see you at the Parade 19th & Broadway 2019. ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿


Song ???


Nothing New 1000# PMFBWAY#


What's the name of this song

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