Gareth Bale

What an amazing #UCL season it has been! Absolutely thrilled to be voted as the winner of the Goal Of The Tournament! Thank you all. #InnovateYourGame




Needed your support tooo back


Thushy definitely sent the wrong video yesss a volley is better than a bicycle kick @samktwum


This is great


Brother @garethbale11 without all due respect, please give me atleast a minute bro🙏 I'm from Tanzania, I know it's hard having a reply from you but please make my dreams come true. I've been praying you to receive this message. I'm stuck brother😔 I've no other person that I can explain to than you bro because I understand how you're good to people and the good heart you have. Please I need atleast a start but I've nothing brother. The whole world has left me brother 😔 Please may today be a lucky day to me brother. I promise to not say a word if you won't like to. I swear. For all i'm passing through brother please understand that it's too much for me brother. Tears every day and night. I'm all alone. I've got alot of plans that will push me up bro. I'm begging you please bro. God is my witness for all i'm saying. Please brother 🙏


@saifulnizamyunus bale's kick was better in every way and people did recognize that


This is awesome!




Esta ub grande giocatires


Overhead kick is better


Bale need to stay in real


@sayo10n ik zei zijn goal is de beste gekozen van de cpl


Vay be reis


They sent u the wrong video


Go go go Ale Ale Ale!


@madrid116 Ronaldo Messi Bale Neymar

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