Without even trying this morning i was wearing Red,White and Blue. #Happy4thofJuly

113,169 Miami Beach, Florida



@nuhef shuddddd up u think yu think u skip BAYLESS❗️😳😬


Damn my boy done mastered the art of mid range he dont even take it in jumpshot form no more😱.. Nasty


Wheres the blue


Where the blue lmao


Please don't leave basketball !!!


Handles loves them handles


Check ya dm homie


Best floater of all time


I see u with that tim hardaway cross! @dwyanewade


@caronbutler ‼️‼️🤞🏻


#underrated 💯💯 1 of the best they remember 06 @dwyanewade


Sỉ Lẻ áo phông 80k giá siêu rẻ vải siêu chất


i would really love to train with you @dwyanewade . i have dreams and goals that may very well be on the way to actually happening. it would mean everything to me with your guidance


Glad I met you wade 👍👍🐶🐶


Lmao u my favorite player my guy but you definitely moving like molasses in this clip 😂


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And at my soon to be college🔥🔥🔥💯💯


Still got it wade


The tank top😅




I see you still got it


2009 MVP was yours💯💯


Wade still got it the clock not ticking yet all time great Guard 3rings 💯💯💯


@dwyanewade Go to the Warriors 💍🏆


Where the blue at?


Happy Birthday, @dwyanewade! 🎂🥂🙏🏾


I BEG FOR YOU, DON'T READ MY NAME OR MY PICTURE ‼😱❌ (You may as well like this comment if you did)


Bring it in !


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