Gigi Hadid

Happy 4th à la Gi

Happy 4th à la Gi




@lin__a_bir follow my IG ley’food


Is it HALAL or not ?


Whoes kooking your or Zayn??


Where is zayn @gigihadid 🤣🤣


The real question here is: why such a good person as Gigi has so many idiots as followers? They see an hamburger and animal exploitation problem in the world it's her fault. That's a very intelligent way to see life! People who are not able to see beyond their nose.


مشالله ربي يهنيكم 💜💜


Awesome Pic! If you like hiking you should follow @hikingaddict18


@nsfwspouses no its just fucking annoying stop trying to force everyone to follow your agenda


@llouija lmaoooooo pressed


@nsfwspouses ohmygod shut up


واقعا خوشحالم چندروزی میشه با پیج شما آشنا شدم واقعا پست های خوبی می زارید 😊😊😊😊☺️😃 لطفا به پیج ما هم سر بزنید




" à la Gi " yesss you speak FRENCH lol


Can anyone tell me what filter & from what app she’s been using to edit her photos lately? TIA 😊


@delightfulselvi I agree! She doesn’t support fur, but she supports eating animals, which is equally cruel. Even by posting a picture of it, she’s supporting it. Please make the connection @gigihadid, we know you’re a compassionate person.


fuck your sister


@kelm0 lol! Honey you’re acting like I caller her out of her name and dragged her through the mud- all I did was make a comment on how she lives on an entire farm and still eats animals. The truth is ugly get used to it babe.


@demiwest7 your words would be more impactful if you didn't say them in such a cuntish way


@kelm0 lol its not about her diet, its a comment on animal cruelty


@demiwest7 her diet isn't your concern.


Mau dapat followes gratis dm ke @cintarhptr *nophp*


hottest! 💕

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