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Just for fun




@tyra_ellen who clowns you for it love? I respect your opinion but everyone has the right to do what they want with their hair. Get dreads, have extensions or flat iron and curl your hair. Whats the big deal if it makes someone happy and doesnt physically harm anybody?


@nixin420 she's 16 and going along with the trend of acting mad over something that she shouldn't be mad about. Cultural appropriation doesn't exist 丹儭儭仄儭


郈邽赲迮 邾郋


You're perfect


@reillynick it comes from religious purpose, like rasta or african, search up the reason, but its a culture


@reillynick well it is but ok


@tyra_ellen this is the only true cultural appropriation comment i have ever seen. the only reason its appropriating is because its just for fun to him, which is bad. im probs getting dreads (for the culture) but it aint for fun. thank you for being one of the only considerate ppl i have ever seen


Sorry Zac!


@slambailey Honestly it was sarcasm lol


@tyra_ellen I'm not arguing with you, merely saying that it is wrong. Please do some research on where it came from before trying to get all "smart". When it is clear that the Indians came across it first. THEN the Egyptians use it. God shiva. Knowledge. We are all human. We can all wear dreads.


@nixin420 and yes, it has been around 1000s of years before, as they were the first people


@nixin420 hun, its not Just Rasta culture 丹撾儭 its been around since the Egyptians who are black, therefore yes, q culture can claim it.


@tyra_ellen Sorry didn't realize a culture can claim something as their own. Since its been around 1000s of years before your culture used it as a way to promote natural things. Rasta is less than 100 years old....


@_fcqt ha mais Putain oui !! Carr矇ment le style quoi !! Jadoooore


@sarah.franck j矇tais pas au courant de cette coiffure ! Je fond totale Il aurait d羶 faire un film type 竄hippie罈 ou en tant que 竄festivalier罈 !!!!!


@reillynick it is black culture you moron


@nixin420 doesnt matter how theyre formed tho, he wore them for fun
But when we wear them we get clowned for it.
When we wear them its permanent
He should appreciate not appropriate


@tyra_ellen Dreads are not just culture. They are a natural occurrence.(Free form or not.) Why do you groom your long hair dogs? Because they would get dreads otherwise. :) Rastafari


@tyra_ellen shut the hell up, a hair style isnt a damn culture.


My culture shouldnt be just for fun WTF is that?
We cant just take out our features you know, and I get its just hair, but yall be wearing our features and culture as accessories, and this is the perfect example

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