Barcelona, dos noches impresionantes! “Soy feliz, muy feliz!” Shak

260,602 Barcelona, Spain



Hi, i'm a upcoming songwriter. Can i send you some of my songs?? I think they're worthy to be read. I'll really appreciate if you give me a chance



Totally rocks!


@angel_yeshua ya te veoooooo en su concierto




I saw Beyonce live 1 week before this, and I have to say @shakira blew my expectations out of the water!! I thought it would be reversed. I wish I could chase you to col to see it again!!








Congratulations 🎊🎉👏👏


chqadr khashy


Eres la mejor, tú optimismo y alegria hacen amarte muchísimo ❤️🙌 #shakira 🍾




Cuando ases un concierto


#TheBachelorette #Save_the_Iraqi_people
The Iraqi government killing the innocent people who are protesting to get their rights.
A big scream for all of the world … Help to protect Iraqis from the militants who are killing them everyday …


Awesome ❤️❤️






کارهاتون فوق العاده هستن💗




Curte minha última foto sdv


Cometo turkey

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