Amber Rose

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@esra.etli alla alla 👍


@canan_emrh naparsan yap be 😁


@esra.etli bacım sen iyimin


@canan_emrh yok ciddiyim bcm bu esmeer bak nasl yamismis


@esra.etli seni sakaci🤣🤣


@canan_emrh sende bu renge boya


I'm capeverdian too ye




Dyal l7wa 3do rabk 😭


i love you


Please, ah Carrier leaving ah yatch in the dust, say i wonder if it legal fo civillian, cuz it's nuclear


My response to the scariness??? Tony yayo dance


Is this for weed ?


Tennis ball 🎾




@glad_reaper205 ti lul suh😣😣😝😝


@tebawihi_bloom27 avan cchun ce 😆😆😆😆😂


Beutifful af






I guess since Amber Rose marriage went downhill I mean all the way down down hill, she want to sit around with a bunch of gossiping rumors trying to split somebody else's relationship up. Damn she needs to find something relevant to do besides sticking her nose all up in people business and running around like a damn Gossip Bar


Do vdesssss

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