Shawn Mendes

Thank you Ottawa! So much love tonight. X










A force to be reckoned with ❤️xx


hmm!🤔🤔 black and white😒I can work with that


best night of my life wow 😍😍❤️😭


I love you💕💕🌼


Omg meu marido é mto lindo❤️❤️❤️😍


This was literally the best night of my life ilysm❤️






Yo en la 3 filaaaaa




I’m in love with you






Love you so much ❤


Happy birthday Shawn Mendes!!!!!!!!!


August 8, 1998, the date that the name quoted in my prayers in the last 3 years was born, quoted a few more months, others less, but now I pray more than ever. The name that changed my vision of love, which for me was only possible for those I knew, but because of him I understood loving the neighbor God taught, love that crosses borders, countries and continents, and that is so great that even if not being recognized individually remains. This love that makes us happy with a smile, but leaves us worried about a tear or any sign of sadness, the love that makes me not stop thinking one day about how you are. The name I'm saying is @shawnmendes wish all God's blessings to you, and that His plans are made in your life. Thank you for making people happier, including me. May more than 20 years come in the future of happiness. Thank you for your existence. Ah, 20 years, but still the baby of the Mendes Army! Shine, little star. ❤️🇧🇷

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