Wardell Curry

Bay Area let’s get it. Get tickets at Juglifewater.com - I hope to see you all there! @juglifewater #dubnation




I love you ❤


U are my idol steph i will die if u dont play p


oyunun amına koydun pezevenk


Toz feek


que tremenda fotografia


You are my sons idol he does the knocking on the chest and points to god when scores.. I wish i could take him to see u play


Let me cut yourhair


#stephencurry can I get your shirt please


Your magnificent player #curry






What is you doin


Bro come to Detroit


My son Kenneth is 8 years old and is your biggest fan- he wanted me to tell you, you have an open invitation to his 9th birthday party! Sending you many blessings


My son is your super fan and he will be turning 11 on August 11 th 🙏🏼😊😉you are a great person, player and a true blessing . Can you tell him Happy birthday on his birthday august 11th . He even has you on his voice message and he said ( Curry for Life) we call him Andres Curry at home 😉❤️🙏🏼you can at 2103820911 on August 11th


Your my most favorite player when I started talking my 3 word was curry like steph curry


I like Stephen Curry better than Michael Jordan


@firmuns yeah absolutely ☺


I’m your biggest fan


this is your team your the team leader with kd i don’t care what nobody says


@dan.raps even some ronaldo teammates dont like him


@diogo.alves02 messi the best bruh ronaldo just doesn't create magic, messi does.


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