Justin Bieber




Paran bitecek kalacan öyle az abla sözü dinle ogulusum


Gezinme ortalarada öyle salagana gibi


Şarkı cikarsana olum


You are very a good boy and hope be a good man too ^_^


🤮bcoz I see Hailey's feet


🤮bcoz I see Hailey's feet


That hat you have is beautiful


Selena is the best. You are horrbile


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Follow and follow ?


@seventizzz tu devrais peut être te mettre à la Pop................


@seventizzz et c’est pas prêt d’arrêter .....


@jaysshady depuis le collège ca me suit...


@seventizzz on dirait toi


eu que tirei a foto:)


I wanna die for U when u r laughing..😍😥

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